The best thing about Aruba is that there is never a bad time to visit! Aruba is the sunniest island in the Southern Caribbean and receives the least amount of rainfall. There are calming trade winds that provide a nice breeze and comfort to travelers while the temperatures remain fairly consistent in the low 80’s year round.  Finally, Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt, so there is little concern over timing your travel to receive optimal weather conditions.

The people of Aruba are friendly and welcoming to visitors and are eager to share their island lifestyle, culture and ways of life. The culinary scene is alive and thriving with robust flavors and bold combinations.

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The Happiest Island

Aruba is considered to many to be the happiest island in the world and for good reason, the optimal weather conditions, white sandy beaches, and translucent water combine to uplift the spirits of all who experience it. The people of Aruba are jovial and host several festivals throughout the year so that there is always a feeling of happiness and wonderment in the air.

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