The Caribbean is a broad term that describes a grouping of nearly 7,000 islands that is a traveler’s paradise. One of the most attractive traits of the Caribbean is the accessibility – located directly below the southeast corner of the United States, one does not need to travel far to be in a tropical and dreamy locale.

The Caribbean is known for turquoise blue waters, beautiful beaches and a laid back vibe. Travelers will find that every island has it’s own cultural nuances and flavor. Island hopping by boat or plane can be an easy way to experience various cultures all in one trip.

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Island Time

The Caribbean Islanders are very welcoming and friendly towards tourists making their happiness contagious. Music, dancing and good food are common cultural threads that bind the islands together. For the traveler who likes to combine travel with cultural experiences, Carnival is a very popular festive time in the Caribbean. Held each year in February, there are dance parades, fun activities, plentiful food, and beach parties.

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